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Peter Pan
2013 - Ongoing
An adaptation of the classic children's story Peter Pan.
Closely following J.M. Barrie's original story, come follow the adventures of Peter and the Darling children in the Neverland!
If you've never read the book, here's your chance to experience the real story! If you have, and enjoyed it, then this is the comic for you!

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Bellanaris: A Dragon Age Fan Comic
2015 - 2017
A fan comic that follows the relationship of Inquisitor Celyse Lavellan and the commander of her army, Cullen Rutherford. Follows the game plot closely, with some side stories, the format will be in story arcs (some short, some longe) There will also spoilers for the main game, and will eventually be spoilers for the Trespasser DLC.

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Princess Retribution
2013 - 2014
Three princesses, Celyse, Linne, and Hana, are each happily in love, until their betrotheds are taken from them by three evil queens. Now, they must go on a quest to defeat the queens and rescue their true loves.

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Licensed Heroes
2012 - Ongoing
Join Tempest, newly licensed hero, as he delves deep into the reeking bowels of the dungeons of unemployment, crosses the scorching desert of menial labor and infiltrates the dreaded towers of bureaucracy.

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