Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana

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Date Posted: December 19th, 2018, 7:00 am

Author Notes

Oh, things look like they're getting serious now. Some sort of meeting room?



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Nice comic / TWC I like your comic, it's well drawn and has a plot that can be followed. Very good work!

RE: TWC, well I'm notorious for not being all that observant. be that as it may, I just noticed for the first time that you have a link to TWC. I'm not in a position where I can afford to support the comics that I follow so I like to vote on TWC when I can. I don't know how important a TWC vote is, but if it's important, may I suggest you consider making the TWC link more prominent. Thank you for a lively and enjoyable comic. Respectfully yours
@some made up name: Glad you're enjoying it! ^_^
I'm not sure how far a TWC vote goes, but honestly, the best non-monetary support that someone can give is to share the comic around ^_^ But thanks, I'll talk to my web designer ^_^
TWC vote @TriaElf9: Thank you for your kind reply. Your remarks in re; TWC may explain why many creators seem to bury the link.

Respectfully SMUN
@some made up name: I mean, to be fair, the icons they give us aren't very big, and there's no really good place to put them, but I'll look into that.
Her outfit vaguely reminds me of a kimono, but I see a whiff of pre-Qing Chinese. What inspired you?
@Sumater: Wasn't intending it to look Chinese, though some of my East Asian Studies may creep in now and again, especially given China's influence on the region. Mostly Tuvana is inspired by historical Japan, of a few eras, since I live here and the country was the focus of my major. There are of course other influences, some European, some sci-fi, it's a blend really, but a lot of it is mostly Japanese because that's where I live and what I know ^_^