Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana

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Date Posted: October 5th, 2018, 8:00 am

Author Notes

And we have a name too! Friend guard no longer, we're finally properly introduced to Kahlik!

**Exciting news! This month, we reached the Pathways goal on Patreon, so as long as we stay over that goal, Pathways will update twice a week (each Wed & Fri)! WOO! If you like my work, please consider supporting my Patreon, there are a ton of great levels, early comics, and a $2 level where you can save to any reward!**



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Yes! Yay! Aaaaaaaaaah! His name is Kalic! More updates! So HAPPY!
@KaiterSkate: Yup, Kahlik! ^_^ We no longer have to call him guard lol ^_^

Yup! As long as the Patreon continues above that goal level, I'll be able to do updates twice a week!! ^_^
Looking forward to see how this all develops. Kahlik seems to be a great guy.
@Moondragon: I can't wait to share more! eheh, he does indeed ^_^