Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana

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Date Posted: February 2nd, 2018, 7:00 am

Author Notes

Oh hoh, a good egg with a good eye ^_-

Also, as an update, starting this month, Pathways will also update every other Wednesday! I can't manage twice a week, unless the Patreon reaches that goal, but I can at least move the story along a little bit faster ^_^

And, quick question, if you have a moment, how did you find Pathways? Already a follower, some search engine, twitter, etc? Thanks! ^_^


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Found it in the SJ spotlight banners and thought the style was familiar (I follow Peter Pan & Licensed Heroes already) ~! Gave it a look and here we are c:
@Captain Ghost: Oooh huzzah! The spotlight banners ARE working! ^_^ Ah, welcome! Glad you like my other stuff too, eheh ^_^
Just how did I find this comic.. Just how did I find this comic... Well can't rightly recall. I read a number of online comics and it may have been via one of those or perhaps TWC.
@r001ing: Thanks! Good to know! ^_^