Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana

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Date Posted: November 6th, 2017, 8:00 am

Author Notes

Little Dragon! Meet Shvir, the cutest little dragon there ever was ^_^


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Little Dragon I love it so far! And I love Shvir. :D
@AetherForge Jes: Thank you so much! Me too, Shvir is a cutie ^_^
Shvir is a great name for a dragon. And it's splendid to see someone /sheathing their blade/ when it isn't in use. Drives me mad when people walk about in stories with exposed blades, especially through towns XD
@IronDog: Thank you! And yes, I know that feeling, it always weirds me out in games where they just have a sword strapped to someone's back, blade out ^_^;;
I would really like to read your comic, but I have top do it on my phone, and for some reason your comic won't allow me to zoom in closer to be able top actually read the dialogue. :(
@Poppy: Huh, that's strange, it lets me zoom on my phone ^_^;; Did you try rotating? that makes it bigger as well.

The comic is also on Deviant Art at the same update speed, and on Tapas and Webtoons at a slower update speed ^_^